Tony Cook is a country music artist with a passion for the outback, good people & great music. 

Having been raised in the remote outback of Queensland, Tony or Tone, aka Laidback Tones, is proud to be from the bush and you can hear it in his music.

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Tony Cook’s known for his passion and music for the outback but his latest single “Country Recognised” takes us down another path and gives us an insight into his past. 


Having served in the Australian Defence Force this latest single touches on his time spent in the ADF and about those who served overseas and never made it home. He also lets us in on the struggles faced by Vets dealing with PTSD. 


Tony is being helped by Mates 4 Mates (a QLD veteran organisation) with this single in an attempt to raise awareness of veterans issues and raise funds to help support veterans and in return Tony is donating a portion of the profits of this song to help support Mates with their incredible work.


In the lead up to Anzac Day this song is a tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice at war and who have not coped on return in civilian life.

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Wow what a start to 2019 folks! I had been completely taken a-back to be nominated and included as a finalist for People's Choice Awards (Best Bush Ballard and Best Male vocal), so much so, we decided to make an appearance and travelled 1.050kms with fellow band members John Batley & Chris Buenen to attend this tremendous event and also play a few showcases while in Tamworth.


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